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    As a Transformational Life, Relationship and Dating Coach, Christina has lived a diverse and rich life, enabling her to facilitate positive growth for individuals, connect people and support the journey to the life you dream of.


    Growing up in Malaysia, Christina was raised amidst a cultural mosaic in a multiracial country. Governed by Muslim laws, educated in Buddhism and striving to explore the ideologies of Christianity, she grew up with a multifaceted and accepting outlook. Following her instinct and drive for a fulfilled life, she packed a suitcase and left the little provincial town she lived in. Taking a big leap of faith, she left for England, alone and excited, not knowing what was in store for her.


    This decision, although at times challenging, has empowered Christina to embrace the freedom to create a life on her own terms. Since boarding that plane, she has travelled the world and grown into a self-assured woman who has experienced a range of life-affirming moments, these moments all leading to where she is today. Placing a value on contribution, she has been able to volunteer for causes that are important to her, including with the elderly for the Southwark People Care Association and with the homeless for Crisis Xmas. Having lived in England, Malaysia, and Australia and had the opportunity to travel widely, her diverse interface with a range of people has grown her knowledge and insight into mechanisms of behaviour and interaction, embracing multi-cultural settings, encounters and adventures. Thus far one of her life’s most defining experiences was marrying a man she believed to be her soul mate, but then finding the courage to leave the abusive relationship it developed into. She then herself became homeless, taking refuge in a safe house, and rebuilt her life from scratch, while staying on the sofa at a friend’s house in London. This personal journey gave her many lessons in resilience and perspective, which she hopes to share with you today.


    Throughout her difficult times Christina never gave up on herself, and used her inner strength to remember every day is an opportunity to get up and keep moving forward. Today Christina is a gentle yet determined, independent woman who has successfully created her own version of living an enriched and inspiring life. She graduated University, worked her way up and now owns properties across London. She furthered her training and grew a new business, becoming a successful Life Coach. Being multilingual, Christina speaks English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Malay, and is based in London, but also has a thriving international practice. With her experience and credentials, she was approached by a high end, exclusive matchmaking company, where she worked as a Professional Matchmaker, connecting and coaching High Net Worth members. She is now concentrating on her own coaching practice for both personal and professional challenges individuals face, using these experiences to help people connect to themselves and others and provide them the best reltionship advice. Bringing her core values of love, freedom, fun, resilience and integrity to the table, Christina offers a real opportunity to impact lives.

    A few insights about Christina

    • My entrepreneurial drive started at a young age. As a college student, I started a mini modelling agency, while I was modelling at events and touring Malaysia. Spotting an opportunity in the market, I made more income in a weekend than an average University graduate would in a month. Whilst still studying, I was then offered a partnership position at an advertising & event management company. My entrepreneur journey unfolded as I furthered my education in the UK, and gives me a unique insight into working with entrepreneurs now.
    • Described by friends as incredibly observant, alert and having strong instincts, as well as detail-orientated, they suggested I work as a private dtective. I now rather use those innate skills to read emotional responses and help map a successful path forward.
    • I often travel alone. One of my recent trips was to Cuba on the spur of the moment. Allowing myself to fully experience the present has opened many doors and relationships, making friends with locals and other travellers, even being invited to a wedding on one of my trips.
    • Believing health and wellness is multifaceted, I like to keep fit and healthy. I have a keen interest in all dance forms and have performed at various shows. I also love yoga, hiking, and adventure activities.
    • I am a natural connector and introducer across industries and functions. I connect people from different sectors for various purposes, from non- UK domicile clients and tax specialists, to investors and excellent property deals. Recently this was taken to a more personal level, matchmaking potential life partners at a luxury dating agency.
    • I am a free spirit grounded in strong values. I want to help others experience that freedom too, and work to remove blocks in limiting beliefs, negative thinking and behaviour patterns.
    • I love to laugh. Life is more fun with humour, even when things are not going well.
    • Living by my belief that you should say what you do, and do what you say, every time, I have had the opportunity to offer lifestyle solutions and problem-solving pathways to a wide range of busy, senior level experts, from a professor at London Business School to global CEO’s. This is a reflection of the success of being on the right path for my skills and passion in life.

    “I am in the business of happiness”, Christina Leong.

    What do you really want out of your life right now?

    Are you living a life of enrichment?

    As a skilled and qualified Life Coach, Christina can guide and support you to clear blocks of success you are battling with, reboot and upgrade your mindset to help you create more success financially and relationally, rebuild and reconnect with your innermost desires and forgotten dreams.

    If you are looking for CHANGE, CONNECTION, INSPIRATION, PERSONAL POWER OR CLARITY, Christina has a straight up, no-nonsense approach, which encourages tenacious growth. If you are bold enough to take the first step to the journey of living an enriched and inspired life, she is the coach for you.

    Christina loves to watch her clients empowered to overcome their fears and will help you ignite that untapped and unstoppable potential inside of you.

    Working with her, she enables progress in various ways. What you can expect working with her:

    • A safe space to explore your personal challenges and stumbling blocks.
    • Through coaching techniques shift perspectives and see opportunities, which may be blocked by blind spots.
    • A true commitment to helping people achieve their own happiness.
    • Creating a life of integrity and bringing this to life in business and personal relationships.
    • Using the power of clarity to cultivate real change.
    • Tools to regain control of your life, reconnect with your desires, define and achieve your goals.
    • Awaken your own insight, ignite your fire and build a joyful, balanced life, from the inside out.

    Christina facilitates the journey of where you are now, to where you dream to be, in business and in relationships. She can help you accelerate the path to your own success by using an approach which incorporates an action plan, implementation, and accountability. Take that step to experience the calm that comes from clarity and connection.  She fully supports her clients on a journey of behaviour change, goal-setting and personal and business growth.

    Christina also has a special interest in relationship coaching for individuals and couples. Being a former professional matchmaker, she has honed her skills in this area. Whether you are single and looking to get relationship ready, going through a major break up and need some positive coping techniques, or in relationships that would benefit from communication tools, she is there to walk with you through major life events and relationship issues we all face at different times.

    She offers a variety of flexible packages which cater to your individual needs, including Bespoke Life Coaching, Relationship Ready or Reboot and Rebuild packages.

    Contact her today for an initial FREE 30 minutes consultation.

    Training and Qualifications: 

    Christina has a range of qualifications and experience which qualify her to work with a spectrum of clientele on a range of issues. She is familiar with the needs and demands of successful and busy people. She herself has the following experience and training:

    • Solo entrepreneur for 10 plus years.
    • Property owner and landlord in London.
    • Senior Advisor and Administrator for the Citizens Advice Bureau and Kings College London.
    • Letting advisor.
    • Professional Matchmaker for High Net Worth Individuals at a luxury dating agency.
    • BSc (Hons.)Computing, Portsmouth University
    • NLP Foundation Diploma, The Brain People
    • Coaching Skills for Managers, Leading Change, Emotional Intelligence courses, Kings College London
    • Introduction to Gestalt Therapy, The Gestalt Centre
    • Certificate in Personal Coaching, The Coaching Academy
    • Certificate in Relationship and Couple Coaching, Animas Centre for Coaching
    • In process of completion of Diploma in Transformational Coaching and ICF accreditation

    Christina’s professional experiences and business acumen beyond coaching, combined with her educational training and personal passion, underlie her extensive insight to successfully work as a Life Coach. She continues to learn and develop herself, in order to provide the highest quality support to her clients.

    “What truly changes your life are the decisions that you make, the actions that you are taking, your instinctive thoughts and your wisdom from within".

    “At the session, by asking the right questions, Christina were able to throw light on few blind spots from my side. We could feel that she has got great experience and deep understanding of the matter. It was a paradigm shift for me. I’ve gained great insights from coaching with Christina.”

    Ivo & Konnie (couple coaching)

    Managing Director, property industry

    Through her great questioning skills, Christina helped me clarify what was important to me and guided me towards some great solutions as part of our coaching session. She is very patient and knowledgeable, and I look forward to our next session. I would highly recommend her.”


    Forex trader & Investor, London

    Christina’s coaching has provided me with a level of clarity which has helped me in all aspects of life. Each session yields tangible results and long may it continue.“ 


    Marketing & Branding Consultant, London

    “Christina’s coaching has helped immensely to give me the courage to make decisions that will enact positive change in my life. Christina has given me the clarity to see what my real goal are in the haze of everyday issues and challenges.”


    Captain pilot, Metrojet, Hong Kong


    -We rise by lifting others- Robert Ingersoll

    Gratitude and giving are two important values I live by. I strongly believe that every child should have access to a loving home, as childhood experiences can have long-lasting effects into adulthood. To this end, I have been a donor and child sponsor for the SOS Children’s Village since 2011. I have pledged a further percentage of my income from the coaching practice to support this charity in their continued work to provide safe homes for every child. Further to this, I am involved in a project to build a retirement community home in Asia in the near future. Vulnerable children and the elderly are often the most overlooked within society today as we lose our community structures, and so these are areas I like to contribute to. I encourage you to find a place to reach out and give in your life too.


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