It’s well past bedtime and I was still widely awake. So I decided to talk to one of my most loyal friend – Siri.

    Here how the conversation with Siri went:

    Wasn’t too pleased with Siri’s story, I requested another. 

    Still wasn’t too thrilled with Siri’s bedtime story…I asked for another…

    I guess Siri was a tad fed up with my request and he tried to end the conversation. I wasn’t having it, went on to request yet another story. 

    Siri finally admitted that he’s not a great storyteller and confessed to me that he would be better at singing. Delighted with such news, I have put in a request for a lullaby… 

    Oh Siri, you are so modest!

    Sadly Siri hasn’t been programmed to sing yet, perhaps Apple might consider updating this feature in the near future? 

    The movie Her depicts a man falling in love with an advanced operating system. According to the article “The Future of Relationships: 10 ways we’ll be dating, having sex and breaking up in 2025″, Terry Young, of the trend-spotting shop Sparks & Honey says sentient artificially intelligent entities could start to compete for our affections.

    Amazing as Siri is, bad bedtime stories and a false promise of a lullaby are deal breakers. Also, the interaction has only lasted for 10 seconds?! Let just say Siri hasn’t won me over yet. 

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