In today’s world with its continuous connectivity and social platforms, people face a flood of communication. It is easier than ever to click and communicate. However, in all this connection, something personal seems to have fallen by the wayside and it has actually become harder to meet the right kind of person.

    With a proliferation of apps quickly starting to dominate the dating scene, more and more people have turned to online platforms. But that can also make meeting your match similar to finding a needle in a haystack. In response, premier dating agencies have also been on the rise – offering a personal service tailored to your preferences.

    So which works best for you? There are some important features to consider when choosing your route to find a relationship. Looking at these five key factors, we break down the pros and cons of dating apps and premier agencies.



    One of the most important factors to consider is the network of people you are joining on dating apps vs a premium dating agency. You need to ask yourself: what kind of person are you looking to meet and who you are going to meet on each platform?

    • Dating app:  

    Due to their accessibility, a wide range of people join dating apps for a multitude of reasons. This can make it more challenging to find a community of like-minded singles, but the upside is as you join a vast pool of individuals there is a wider variety of people and options.

    • Premier Agency:

    A premium dating agency is focussed on a select group of singles with the intention of seeking a serious relationship. The pro of this is that the membership network tends to be more selective, but also potentially smaller.



    Different platforms tend to attract different people by their intention and motivation for meeting someone new. You should consider: what type of relationship are you looking for and are you seeking someone with a similar motivation to your own?

    • Dating app:

    When meeting someone is as easy as swiping right, there is often a casual intention on dating apps. In our convenience culture, people have become a consumable commodity and the con is that intentions range from one night stands, to friendship, and yes, also dating. Although there is the opportunity to meet many people, it can be harder find someone with a similar intention to your own.

    • Premier Agency:

    With the investment required and a more focused outcome, people joining a premium dating agency tend to have a more serious intention. The explicit goal of an agency is to meet a compatible partner for a lasting partner relationship. In this environment, the benefit is that you already know what the shared intention is.



    The dating process requires time and effort to succeed. Time is a precious commodity in today’s busy lifestyle. Creating a healthy work-life balance does require an investment of time in your personal life. You should ask yourself: how much time do have to commit to this process and how quickly do I expect to have a result?

    • Dating app:

    On a dating app, you can expect very quick results. One of the main pros of the variety and instant accessibility is that you can very quickly connect to a potential match. However, the con of this is that you can land up kissing a lot of frogs before meeting the right person and waste your time dating duds.

    • Premier Agency:

    When it comes to time a dating agency has a slower moving process. Due to the selection process and personal consideration put into each match, it can take longer to meet someone. However, the benefit of this is that the introduction can have a much higher success rate, as the individual has been carefully preselected for their shared values, motivations, lifestyle and compatibility with you.



    Is there is a price on love? When it comes to investing in your love life, the price can be a determining factor. In life you often get out what you are willing to put in. However, due to their huge popularity, the low-cost factor of dating apps does it make it accessible to many and easy to experiment with. You should ask yourself: how much am I willing to invest and what time commitment does that entail?

    • Dating app:

    When it comes to cost, the pro of dating apps is that a majority offer a free service. This requires a low level of time commitment as you can dip in and out the dating pool without cost or contractual time commitment. Although some apps do have low-cost pricing plans, dating apps are affordable and flexible.

    • Premier Agency:

    With a dating agency you have a personal matchmaker who focuses on getting to know you and your ideals. Joining an agency is an investment into yourself and future. The con of this is that it does have a price tag and usually requires you to join for a set time period. But the advantage is that you become a member of a group of people who have invested in and are serious about their relationship and meeting the right person.


    Quality and safe dating
    When considering the dating space you want to participate in, you need to think about the quality of the interactions and your dating safety within that community. You should ask yourself: how has the membership been filtered and does that provide the security I need?

    • Dating app:

    On a dating app the guidelines you have to follow is someone’s photos and profile. This does offer you with an impression of what kind of person they are. Although most of the time, people you meet do share your intention and lifestyle, the downside is that you have no guarantee.

    • Premier Agency:

    In a dating agency the individuals have already been filtered by their investment into the process and value for a serious relationship. The members are also vetted and verified personally by your matchmaker. The benefit of this is that it does provide a greater degree of safety and security in that the person you are doing on a date on is who they say they are.


    How Making Better Relationships Can Help

    When considering your different dating options, Making Better Relationships provides a unique space that takes your best outcome into account. MBR creates a step to access the ultimate result for you by providing support and access to both options, assessing which would be best for you. We offer an initial assessment and profiling to get to grips with what you are looking for, which options will work and how to get you relationship ready.

    Based on your assessment we recommend the right platform to meet your needs, and suggest the most useful way forward based on your unique personality, requirements and circumstances. We are up to date with the latest trends in the dating world, the options available and what each can offer. As experts in the nuances and practices of dating and commitment, we are a one stop shop to get you on the road to a healthy and happy relationship.

    Should you want to prepare yourself for a truly great relationship and remove the stumbling blocks you have had in the past, we offer specialised coaching packages. We are also international and so not restricted by location, as our packages are available in person or online. We also collaborate with matchmaking associations and networks worldwide, and so can connect you with the right people, wherever you may be situated.

    What people often don’t realise is that you can be your own worst enemy when it comes to meeting your match. We focus on getting you relationship ready, and clearing away the baggage to attract the right person into your life. Having worked as a relationship coach, a professional matchmaker and spent much time with high net worth individuals for many years, Christina Leong, who developed MBR, has discovered that people are often not aware of their underlying blueprint that drive the relationships in their life. This means that one of the greatest challenges is that when people meet the right person, they might not be ready as they have not done the necessary work on themselves. And MBR wants to get you there.

    We are here to help – Making Better Relationships helps individuals build great personal, business and love relationships. Our focus is helping individuals to identify and optimise their relationship blueprint and values to create a strategic plan to build and maintain lasting connections. We offer a 30-minute initial assessment for £79 to get you on the go.

    Contact us if you are tired of online dating or before joining a matchmaking service which doesn’t know if you are ready for a relationship. We can help you discover the right option based on your individual circumstances.

    To book your 30 minutes assessment: Dating For Success

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