Making Better Relationships


    One of the most important pieces of living a life of purpose and meaning is knowing what you love.

    Dr. Howard Thurman is often quoted saying, “what the world needs is people who have come alive.” When people come alive from within, they organically create the meaning in their work, relationships, and the hours of their days, whether they are in a job of their own creation or just getting by.

    Here are some reflection questions to help you discover or strengthen your loves in a way that just might help you come alive:

    1. What were your childhood joys?

    2. What relationships have inspired you?

    3. What stretches you?

    As you reflect upon these questions, noticing what shows up and unfolding. It will gradually lead you to greater alignment with that which you love. The power of knowing these loves of yours play out in the relationships you choose to nurture, in the work that you seek out, in the way that you parent, in how you spend your free time, in how you choose to respond to others, and in your vision for the future.

    I wish you a good start of the week.

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