Are you in a long term relationship where things are starting to lose its spark?

    Do you feel that you have reached a bottleneck in your relationship?

    Do you need fresh inspiration for vibrant sexual/emotional intimacy?

    Do you wish to reconnect with your partner at a deeper, more intimate level?

    Here’s a list of 30 days plan to help you on your way to create, reignite and enrich intimacy in your relationship with your romantic partner.

    Day 1: Sign up for a course or start learning something new. Learning new thing keeps you fresh and sexy.

    Day 2: Try “something new” in bed. Get some inspirations to mix things up.

    Day 3: Share one personal goal and see how you can support each other to achieve it.

    Day 4: Dress up and have dinner somewhere romantic. Plan and schedule a date night at least once per month.

    Day 5: Leave a sweet post-it note in the house to surprise your partner. Kiss each other before you leave home for work.

    Day 6: Find a time for morning sex.

    Day 7: Schedule a time in the evening to “just be” with your partner, ask him/her about their day. Do not talk about yourself. Practice listening only.

    Day 8: Go to a concert or show together.

    Day 9: Hug your partner for more than 5 minutes for no reason. A gentle, tender hug then look them straight into their eyes and kiss.

    Day 10: Ask your partner — “what can I help you with today?” Do something nice for each other without being asked.

    Day 11: Snuggle up on the couch. Watch a movie or read a book together.

    Day 12: Share a fear you have about your relationship.

    Day 13: Offer a heart felt compliment to your partner.

    Day 14: Go out for a walk. Find a beautiful place to watch the sunrise/sunset together.

    Day 15: Cook together in the kitchen. Try to cook a new dish for each other.

    Day 16: Take a hot and steamy bath together.

    Day 17: Play a sport/activity/game or go to the gym together.

    Day 18: Surprise your partner with sexting.

    Day 19: Have a double date with your good friends.

    Day 20: Pick a new lingerie or pyjama for each other.

    Day 21: Arrange a social day/ night out with your own friends. Make time to see your circle of friends.

    Day 22: Take a walk down memory lane. Create a list of things you about each other.

    Day 23: Do without technology for a day. No social media, emails, laptop, etc. Practice mindfulness.

    Day 24: Offer spontaneous gestures of affection.

    Day 25: Go for a run, hiking, yoga or pilate. Exercise, on your own or with your partner.

    Day 26: Go out — with yourself. Have time on your own to do the things that you love doing.

    Day 27: Plan a future trip/holiday together

    Day 28: Play romantic music and dance together at home.

    Day 29: Rearrange your furniture or declutter your home. This will have a profound effect on your state of mind.

    Day 30: Share and reaffirm your relationship goal.

    Have a go at these activities consistently for 30 days and let us know how it has improved your relationship for better?

    Created by the team at Making Better Relationships.

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