As a keen tech fan and due to the nature of my work I tend to follow current digital networking and dating trend quite closely.

    In a modern world where we are increasingly relying on tech to connect to wider audiences, I am seeing a trend where people are moving from pure dating to social networking app. As an example of this, Tinder has introduced Tinder Social.

    Through Shapr, I have met with Dougal Shaw, a BBC reporter for a business networking lunch and we have discussed on how tech and social networking is changing the way people connect with others, as compared with more traditional approaches.

    In the past people made connections through business associates, functions, events, friends, family, etc. Now people are turning to networking through apps, websites to find like-minded people or topic motivated people.

    Technology has replaced the way that courtships (be it business or personal) occur today. The rise of technology while creating more interconnectedness has resulted in less of a traditional way of meeting. It enables and produces faster connections and more than likely focused ideas. In a way, it is more efficient and better outcomes than traditional networking. Business and personal can make connections via social networking like never before.

    Just like traditional networking in the real world, dating/ social/business networking apps serve as a platform to find people. It works maybe as well as where we are day to day because so many people are not able to meet people in their immediate spheres of day by day life. It can be a useful tool along with face to face meetings.

    One factor that we should bear in mind, though, is that technology can’t fully replace human judgement and intuition, which usually come into play when two people meet.

    Algorithm can make choices and decisions based on data that is available to them, but that is a very different thing than judgement. Judgements are made based on values, and values emerge from our experience in life.

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